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The Festival Swing Dance Society originally formed in October 2002. Since then it has evolved and grown over the years to become a group of people who love the sights and sounds of the 1940’s. Each Monday night we gather at St Wilfrids Church Hall in Kirkby in Ashfield to dance to “proper” music and meet with other people who share their love of the past. We are not “strictly come dancing” we are just a group of like-minded folk who want to keep the old music and dances of the past going. Many of us regularly dress up in vintage 1940’s attire and attend the numerous WWII events that take place up and down the country. We provide dancing at several events to really bring the feel of the forties alive, we also enjoy a period picnic with vintage cars, gramophones and lots and lots of tea!

Festival Swing Dance Society

We are an ever-increasing group of people who meet up once a week to dance to the tunes of the 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s. We are somewhere for people to come and dance to music and to have a good time. We don’t care if you can’t manage a perfect Suzy Q or a well timed Shorty George, so long as you love the music, love the dancing and leave with a smile on your face.

A group of us also like nothing more than dusting off the mothballs curling our hair (or waxing the moustache!) and packing up the car with a gramophone, picnic and pair of dance shoes to head off back to the 1940’s to a period event, where we can play some amazing tunes and dance the afternoon away.

As well as being a dance club occasionally a few members of the society go into schools and help educate the children about the 1940's and wartime.

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